Article Processing Charge- APC

As per our Board decision and starting from April 1, 2022, a 100 Euro  (or Actual Turkish Central Bank exchange rate TL.) "Article Processing Fee" (APC) will be requested from all articles sent to the journal to cover editorial, digital print, and typesetting fees. This fee is to be sent regardless of the article's acceptance/rejection status. Before this fee is requested, all articles will be sent to the editor for a preliminary evaluation. During this preliminary evaluation, the article's overall presentation, appropriateness with author guidelines, plagiarism similarity, and references will be evaluated. Articles that pass this preliminary evaluation will be subjected to the APC and then submitted to reviewers for evaluation. Authors sending the APC are responsible for any associated bank transfer/payment fees. Upon receiving payment, an electronic invoice will be generated and sent to the authors. Paying this fee does not guarantee that the article in review will be accepted, as this process is carried out by independent reviewers. No APC refunds will be sent to the author(s) for articles that are seen unfit for publication after reviewer evaluation.  Reviewers will be paid an article evaluation fee of 25 Euros.   

Payment details for authors

Account Holder: New Island Education Ltd.

Bank : Garanti Bankası 

IBAN: TR16 0006 2000 4930 0009 0806 60

Currency: Euro



Bank : Garanti Bankası 

IBAN: TR16 0006 2000 4930 0009 0806 60

Currency: Euro

Türk Lirası - TL Ödemeler için:

Ad Soyad / Ünvan

Şube Kodu

Hesap No


: 493- Lefkoşa/K.K.T.C

: 6294389


Para Birimi

: TR13 0006 2000 4930 0006 2943 89 

: Türk Lirası