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This study ancient Hellenic culture and civilization in the wide geography, extensive experience as a result of expansion and special events as a process to build a colony on the stand is intended.coves surrounded by deep was a structure. This situation by emphasizing local fragmentation of national political authorities have prevented the integration of Hellenic around. As a result, the fragmentation of Hellen (to particularism) ‘police’ called their geographical boundaries, political institutions and laws that in the ‘city-state’ has embodied. Greece’s geograpy in terms of this fragmented situation of this country’s Division of Goverment large and small political aspects as it is also effective on the mainspring has been cultural development. Geography of Greece was a structure of local independence can be maintained easily. The Hellen’s 8 BC mid- 4th century BC a new settlement activities overseas have access to. At the head of caused of new colonization movement; Hellen’s Hell in community nutrition and livelihood challenges arising from rapid population growth, inter-party political wrangling that breed discontent and the ensuing political-induced migration has played an important role. As a result of all this ancient history of literature ‘Great Colonization Period’ as the last; Aegean, Sea of Marmara, Mediterranean and Black Sea coasts of many of the colony was founded, BC 750 to 550 between the years of 200-years period began on. The largest colony of Southern Italy and Sicily in the ‘Great Hellas’ (= Megale Hellas) was formed. At the beginning of colony-forming center, the İon cities in Western Anatolia (especially Miletus and Phocaea) was coming. The Mediterranean and the Black Sea, which surrounded around the colony and the Hellen’s here as Plato says, is like a sitting around the pool frogs are settled. Keywords: Colony, Hellen’s, Oikos, The

Colony, Hellen’s, Oikos, The Main City, Achean.

Adres :Cyprus International University Lefkoşa/Nicosia
Telefon :(392)6711111-2601/2600 Faks :(392) 671 1165
Eposta :folkloredebiyat@ciu.edu.tr