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A Folk Tradition Which is Almost Extinct Çelüm Çelüm Çemcecük or Çemçegelin
Water, which hast a vital value for all humambeing, and rain that is the source of water has been naturally blessed in our culture, the shortage of them has made the society anxious.This worry paved the way for investigation amongs people and finding a way for this obstackle. And as a result of these ways for revealing has become a culture within some understanding reached to today by transfering from generation to generation, created the important milestones of our culture. Çelüm çelüm çemcecük, by its occurance, apart from representing a common belief, children have also owned this and changed it to the game and than played a great role for its spread. This belief and game has a place in different provinces as different shapes like being in all people culture especially when it comes to culture of Muş it is the first thing coming into the mind and about to becoming extinct. Game which is played with hymne and turkish poems both a tool for fun and also a pray to bring rain. Çelüm çelüm çemcecük or çemçegelin is played with a wooden ladle or gathering wooden pieces shaped like sticks and covering it with white fabric Like a bride. Children pass round it door by door, not only singing turkish poems for bringing rain but also want something for them from the owner of every Houses. Landlords pour water on this wooden-made toy,walking out house by house, in wish for rain, and give some food especially candy to the children. In this study, the game of çelüm çelüm çemcecük or çemçegelin which ist played in different regions in a different way and mostly known in Muş, its historical background the Turkish poems it includes, hymne or beliefs are analysed in detail and planned to move to the future.

Muş, tradition, çelüm çelüm çemcecük, çemçegelin, rain dance, kid game

Adres :Cyprus International University Lefkoşa/Nicosia
Telefon :(392)6711111-2601/2600 Faks :(392) 671 1165
Eposta :folkloredebiyat@ciu.edu.tr