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Criticism of Poverty İn Nasrettin Hodja Anecdotes
This study aims to reveal the "poverty criticism" that is expressed in Nasrettin Hodja's anecdotes. For this reason, firstly, the phenomenon of poverty is emphasized conceptually. The indicators of poverty engraved into jargon texts have been identified from the Nasrettin Hodja anecdotes by reviewing the conceptual and theoretical framework of this phenomenon. The concept of poverty is literally described as"poorness, misery, hunger and beggary". The situation, under which human beings cannot meet their basic needs, such as nutrition, shelter, clothing and health that are necessary to sustain their physical existence partially or largely, is expressed by the concept of poverty. This concept that we usually encounter when it comes to human needs has more than one dimension and it might vary from society to society and even from person to person. The concept of poverty evaluated under different categories like economic, cultural and sociological, takes part in cultures, arts and literature by means of a subject matter. It is possible to mention cultural and artistic diversity that discuss poverty and its returns/results. The existence of traditional types is a known fact, such as story, ballad, lullaby and anecdotes/traditional tales in which the poverty is discussed as a theme, as a social criticism subject within the framework of Turkish folk literature. From this point of view, this study aims to examine the concept and critique of poverty in the anecdotes described in connection with Nasreddin Hodja with a sociological perspective. Anecdote, as a type which is based on narrating in folk literature, is shaped inside the social and cultural environment of the society. In this aforementioned type, in the personality of anecdotes, both individual and social inferences are made by combining humor and critical thinking. Individual or social troubles and chaos in social order obtain a humorous dimension in anecdote dialect and laughing dynamic is created by this way. In the examination held within the scope of this study, the indicators about the theme of "poverty" as a criticism subject, which can be evaluated both individually and socially, was tried to be determined with reference to the anecdote texts that were attributed to Nasrettin Hodja.

Hodja, anecdotes, poverty criticism, absolute poverty.

Adres :Cyprus International University Lefkoşa/Nicosia
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Eposta :folkloredebiyat@ciu.edu.tr